6 reasons to visit Gura Humorului

This city is placed in the geographical center of Suceava County, in an inner mountain depression formed at the confluence of the stream Humor with the river Moldova, 36 km from Suceava. The average height of the depression is 460 meters, being surrounded by mountains whose height reaches 833 meters. It’s a very nice, picturesque little town with much to offer. Here are 6 reasons to visit Gura Humorului

The Humor and Voronet monasteries

The most representative monuments of medieval Moldova are concentrated in Bucovina. These monuments as a whole constitute a ‘code’, a specific language, a language of images. The character of this language is religious and is the basis of the Christian tradition in Romania. In Gura Humorului, there are two monasteries displaying this Christian imagery, the Humor and Voronet monasteries, both UNESCO monuments.

The miracle-working icon of Our Lady

The church dedicated to ‘St. Constantine and Elena’ houses a miracle-working icon of Our Lady. Former Armenian Church, abandoned and destroyed during the Second World War, escaped from total destruction during the communist period, was renovated and consecrated in 1973 by Justin Moisescu, former Metropolitan of Moldava and then Patriarch of Romania. During the service of consecration a believer donated an icon of Virgin Mary which has proven to be miraculous. Since then, the church has always been full of people.

The ski slope

Gura Humor offers the best conditions for winter sports lovers, the ski slope being well maintained and equipped. The characteristics of the slope are: average degree of difficulty, 1462 m length, 756 m altitude at its starting and 473 m at its finish, capacity of 873-1019 persons. Served by cable car for four people and equipped with snow guns and equipment at night. On the slope there are 344 parking places.

The Nightlife

Many consider Gura Humorului a boring city, a limited city, but on a closer look you can find plenty of options to have fun. A coffee, a soda or a beer can be enjoyed in different places, all belonging to the downtown area. So, each of you can find something to his/her taste.

Off Road Bucovina

This is a yearly festival for those who love extreme adventure, adrenaline and strong engines. Competitors travel on average 50 km of trails per day, for every section, a total of 400 km in the three days of competition.

The Ethnographic Museum

This museum was conceived as a virtual journey into the spiritual world of the village in Bucovina at the end of the nineteenth-century. The transition from the world of fine arts, world mostly urban to the rural world is marked by a landmark, specific to that period. Climbing stairs, the visitor can admire some elements of traditional architecture, becoming accustomed with the universe of Bucovina whose secrets will be gradually secrets uncovered.

This is but a short presentation of 6 reasons to visit Gura Humorului, hope you have enjoyed it. Come see the bigger picture for yourself!

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