3 amazing caves in Romania

These may not be the most popular caves of Romania but they are spectacular and extremely beautiful. It is quite difficult to pick just 3 amazing caves in Romania to talk about since there are so many of them in our country. However, I have stopped at the following three:

1.     The Meziad Cave

It is found 16 km from far the city Beius in the west of the Apuseni Mountains, The Padurea Craiului Mountains. This cave has been declared a natural reservation, being one of the largest caves in Romania, disposed on three floors and with galleries that have a total length of 4750 m. Also, it is important because of the studies of speleogenesis and karst development that were carried here. Furthermore, following these studies, they have identified fossils of Ursus spelaeus (the ancient bear) in this cave. Currently, you can only visit it accompanied by a professional guide.

2.     The Munticelu Cave

Recognized as one of the most important caves of Moldova, Munticelu Cave is located at the exit from the Bicaz Gorges. This cave was discovered in the spring of 1973 by several children who were looking for snowdrops in the area. In fact, it was also called the Snowdrop Cave for a while. The route is picturesque, with serpentines and then increasingly more steeply, climbing to an altitude of 300 m at the entrance in the cave which is , more or less, hidden from the eyes of tourists. Inside, there is a corridor of 10 m, leading tourists into a large hall, 30 m long and 4-5 m tall; the cave has a length of 120 m, impressing you through the hall and amazing stalagmite formations.

3.     The Polovragi Cave

This is considered one of the largest caves in Romania, having a length of over 10,000 feet. This is a cave with an interesting legend … They say that this is used to be the home of the Dacian God Zalmoxe after Dacia (the ancient name of Romania) was conquered by the Romans. Inside the cave, there is a limestone form that is quite similar to a royal stall, called ‘Zalmoxe’s throne’. In addition, when water drops flow, it is said that they would be Zamolxe’s tears for people. To reach the cave you have to follow a path paved with layers of stone. The trail is carved into the mountain, which gives you the sensation that it will drop over you. The Polovragi cave is electrified and has three main galleries. Also, under the cave, flows the Cerna River which forms lakes where you can dive.

I’m sure that only reading about these 3 amazing caves in Romania doesn’t replace the exciting feeling you get when visiting them, but I hope this is a good start. What do you think?

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