10 things you didn’t know about Romania / Romanians

I didn’t know what to write about in this article but I thought that I should take advantage of this opportunity to tell you more about the great minds of the Romanian people. These 10 things you didn’t know about Romania / Romanians are just a means to prove to you that Romania is not just a beautiful country, it also has beautiful people.

  1. Emil Racovita is the Romanian who was one of the 19 members team that conquered the South Pole together with Amudsen and explored a new territory that no one ventured before, namely Antarctica. Also, in 1920, he set up the first speleological institute (study of caves and other karst features) in the world.
  2. Ana Aslan invented the Gerovital H3 and Aslavital treatments that are considered to be very effective against ageing. Important people such as the French President Charles De Gaulle, the U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong or famous actors such as Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin and Kirk Douglas are just a few of the one amazed by the effects of the Aslan’s formula.
  3. George Emil Palade is the only Romanian who won the Nobel Prize, being considered the father of the modern cell biology. Furthermore, Ronald Regan himself gave him the National Medal of Science of the United States.
  4. Nicolae Paulescu discovered the insulin (pancreatine) but a Canadian team of researchers received the Nobel Prize for this discovery. Paulescu never really recovered after this injustice. Profoundly religious, though with anti-Semitic and controversial views, he lived the rest of his life in an ascetic seclusion.
  5. Aurel Vlaicu, a pioneer in world aviation, built two arrow-shaped airplanes (Vlaicu 1 and Vlaicu 2) as well as the first plane built of metal in the world. He died in a plane crash, in an attempt to fly over the Carpathians, in 1913.
  6. Train Vuia is the first man to ever succeed to take off the ground with an aircraft lighter than the air, using the force of the engine. He, thus, demonstrated to the entire world that the mechanical flight is possible. He also designed and conceived two types of helicopters.
  7.  Henri Coanda, fascinated by the power of the wind, succeeded the first jet flight in the world (though some might dispute this claim). There is no doubt, however, that he discovered the Coanda effect of fluid dynamics, useful in many scientific areas.
  8. Gheorghe Zamfir – no one up to him and no one after him was able to play the pan-flute in such a mystical, profoundly Romanian manner. In the 70s, he became worldwide famous, revolutionizing the art of the sound and originally connecting the pan-flute with the pipe organ.
  9. George Enescu was one of the artists in the elite world music from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. He won the great stages of his time and founded the modern Romanian music school. We believe that Enescu was meant to make the Romanian spirituality be heard in the universal culture.
  10. Nadia Comaneci is perfect to end this list of 10 things you didn’t know about Romania / Romanians. She won the first score of 10 in the history of the Olympic gymnastics. She was flawless!

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